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Road Less Travelled

Sunday, October 23, 2016

There is a song coming out of my speakers as I drive home from John Boyd Thacher Park. And the words seem to echo dreams taking root in my heart.

Don’t follow anyone, 
March to the rythym of a different drum…

Trust your rebel heart, 
Ride into battle 
Don’t be afraid, 
Take the road less traveled 
Wear out your boots, 
Kick up the gravel
Don’t be afraid, 
Take the road less traveled on

I take my time driving home, stopping to photograph trees and leaves… The dirt on my calves and sweat in my hair doesn’t annoy me. It is my reminder that for today, I am ME. In a yoga class last week, the instructor said “Be authentic. Do what makes you YOU”

I thought about this as I ran the trails of Thacher Park this particular morning. Isn’t that so much more important than doing what makes you HAPPY? “Happy” is just a temporary, fleeting feeling. But when you do what makes you YOU, you experience this lasting, deeply satisfying joy! I’ll take that over HAPPY any day!

I just want to play in the dirt. And write about it. That definitely makes me ME.

I know life can’t always be that simple. But for today, it is. Because today I met some friends at Thacher Park, and we ran through the woods, kicking up dust and dirt, batting away branches, glancing down just momentarily at the the trail to make sure there is no hidden root under those crimson leaves, glancing up at the sun shining on sunshine yellow leaves above our heads.

When I got home from playing in the dirt at Thacher Park, I didn’t head inside to shower. I stayed outside and played in the dirt for another hour or two, weeding my flower beds, digging up some iris bulbs, and planting them in my new yard, humming to myself as I patted dirt around the roots…

Wear out your boots, Kick up the gravel,
Don’t be afraid, 
Take the road less traveled on

Not that trail running and yard work are that extraordinary in general. But in my life, they are. For the past eight years, triathlon training left little time for caring for my plants and flowers. And trail running certainly didn’t make sense when the whole world was training for triathlons.

Although lately, my concern with what everyone else is doing seems to be diminishing. I am taking the road less traveled more frequently these days, choosing to spend the summer training for a marathon (Ok, two) when my friends were all racing triathlons. My heart was not in triathlon. I was too consumed with getting Boston back!

Truthfully, I’m not even sure if Boston is where my heart is anymore… And I’m hanging out in the woods at a crossroads.

Don’t follow anyone, March to the rhythm of a different drum…

When I sit down to work through the next chapter of my Believe journal after a day of playing in the dirt all day, dreams take root in my heart.

“A pro has the courage to listen to her heart and pursue her dreams regardless of what others think. She doesn’t wait for her friends to get onboard. She makes her own way and helps others do the same.”

Two marathons in one month… And one that I flew out to run on my own?

They were just the beginning.

There are simple, crazy dreams growing.  I wonder if everyone feels crazy when they realize listening to their heart means making their own way, instead of waiting for everyone else to get on board…

That’s when simple and crazy walk hand in hand. Simple does not imply easy. The road less traveled can be simple, but challenging! But the road less traveled can be beautiful when it’s the road to being YOU.

Wear out your boots, 
Kick up the gravel
Don’t be afraid, 
Take the road less traveled on

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