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Ironman Time Savers – The products that got me through

Ok, it’s not my typical post about training and racing. But with Ironman Mt. Tremblant & the Rev3 Maine 70.3 coming up, I thought it would be fun! WARNING: Dudes, you’ll probably find very little in here that you give a crap about! Sorry! For my Loco ladies out there who are wondering, here is what I used and did in Ironman Lake Placid that helped my day go a little smoother! Hope it helps!

  • French braids (Thanks Grace!) – So convenient, because you can easily go from a swim cap to a helmet to a visor or hat, without having to fuss with your hair!
  • Tom’s of Maine Deoderant – I’m not gonna say I crossed the Finish Line smelling like roses, but this is the only anti-perspirant I found that semi-lasted 
  • L’Oreal Waterproof mascara – Because otherwise I may be mistaken for a dude, or a 13-year old girl! It was still on at midnight for the Finish Line party. No smudges!
  • Palmers Cocoa Butter stick – On race morning, I put a little glob of this on my bike tube, in front of my bento box. It works for chafing emergencies, and for chapstick. I did actually use a little around hour 5 on the bike! 
  • Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel – WalMart used to have it, but I haven’t seen it there lately, so I ordered some from I put it on race morning, and it lasted all day. Zero chafing, even after wearing the same shorts for a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride!
  • I did change my shorts for the Run. Just a clean pair of the same ones. The extraordinary tri shorts that got me through the day? Saucony Tri Shorts with the 5 inch inseam! Nice fleecy chamois, and great compression made them perfect for the swim, bike and run!
  • TYR Competitor Thin Strap Top – This is the sports bra I wore for the entire Ironman. Because who wants one more thing to change in the middle of the race! BONUS: No chafing! 
  • I didn’t wear a tri top or jersey in the swim, just this TYR sports bra. So I pulled on a Team Loco bike jersey in T1, which didn’t waste too much time!
  • TIME SAVER:  10 days before Ironman, I took that short sleeve bike jersey to a tailor, who made it sleeveless for me! Then I left it on for the bike AND the marathon! Loved having those pockets to stash my food in for the run!
  • Cool Mesh II socks by WrightSock – Sorry, I can’t do the whole sockless thing! So I put these on for the bike, and left them on for the run! I had an extra pair in my Run Special Needs bag, but I never needed them! Time saver AND no blisters!  
  • Arm Warmers by Me – I think Tinker started this trend! Go to Target, buy a pair of cute, soft knee socks, and cut the toes off. Voila, cheap arm warmers! I’ve worn them for several races, including the first loop of Ironman. Then I just stuffed them in my jersey pocket. 

BONUS:  If you lose them, you won’t feel too bummed!

  • Custom Race Belt – It drives me nuts when my race belt rides up and turns around on me. So I safety pinned by race belt to my Saucony shorts the night before Ironman. When I pulled on the shorts in T2, the race belt & bib number were in place, and stayed there for 26.2 miles!

No chafing or blisters = A big smile at the end of the day!

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