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Press Release – 6 Steps to Finding the Right Hearth Product

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Contact: Sara K. Madden Phone: 518.463.2085

6 Steps to Finding the Right Hearth Product

Hearth products add incredible warmth and comfort, as well as ambiance, to a living space, and can last for decades. Because of their prominence within a home, purchasing hearth products should be approached with both décor and functionality in mind.

“The variety of hearth products available continues to grow, and homeowners have more options than ever. By taking a few simple steps, shopping for a hearth product can be an enjoyable, exciting process,” says Jeremiah Madden, CEO at Matchless Stove & Chimney.

VISIT A SPECIALTY HEARTH RETAILER’S SHOWROOM Speaking with a professional can help define the best hearth product for a specific installation. They can demonstrate many models of fireplaces and other hearth products
(some burning and some not) in the showroom, and explain the benefits of each. Questions are expected, so don’t worry about asking too many! And it’s not unheard of to make several visits to a showroom before the final decision is made.
To continue the research after leaving the store, be sure to ask for product literature to take home.

RESEARCH THE OPTIONS If more information is necessary, visit to review manufacturers and brands, as well as categories of hearth products (wood burning fireplaces versus gas fireplaces, or pellet stoves versus coal stoves). Local home shows or regional fairs are other valuable resources.

HEAD BACK TO THE SHOWROOM Your specialty hearth retailer can help answer any additional questions and help pinpoint the ideal final product for purchase based on the research.

HOME VISITS BY THE RETAILER Many time your specialty hearth retailer will visit the home prior to the final purchase to assess how the selected hearth product will blend into the home environment, and what installation challenges might exist.

INSTALLATION Unlike a malfunctioning refrigerator, a hearth product that doesn’t do its job properly can have serious consequences! Professional installation by a qualified technician is essential to the proper performance of a hearth product and its venting system, and to the homeowners’ safety.

SERVICE After installation is complete, it’s wise to request a detailed review of the recommended service required for the hearth product purchase. Most hearth products require annual inspections of the appliance and the chimney and venting system, as well as maintenance cleaning.

Making the Right Choice

Other factors that can impact the final decision include: The extent of usage, the placement within the home, the maintenance required, design and style preferences, as well as which fuel works best for the users.

Many homes today have hearth products in multiple rooms, providing a unique experience throughout the house. Just as with countertops and appliances, there are varying levels of hearth products within each category, from basic to luxurious,
and the price differences between the levels are generally affordable.

“Anyone building a new home or remodeling will find it helpful to research and plan on what hearth product to add and where to add it,” says Jeremiah Madden. “Doing this early on will ensure more options for the homeowner.”

It doesn’t take a major remodeling job to gain the benefit of a new fireplace, fireplace insert or stove. Many hearth products can be installed in an existing room with very little effort. There are many different products available to create a convenient, efficient and beautiful fire, whether the homeowner wants to update an existing, wood burning fireplace or add a new fireplace or freestanding stove.

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For more information on how to choose the ideal hearth product contact Sara Madden at 518.463.2085, or visit Matchless Stove & Chimney is a specialty hearth retailer providing design, installation and maintenance services for residents of New York’s Capital District. Matchless provides expert assistance and

helps with research, decision-making, and the final purchase and hearth product installation.Family owned and operated for over 30 years, our qualified technicians service fireplaces, stoves and chimneys for the Capital Area and beyond.

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