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Post Op – Wasting Away in Margaritaville

 July 1, 2015

It’s 11am and I am still in my pajamas. Not a bad way to start my favorite month, July! Not the best way either – The best way to start July would be with a run. But I am supposed to be resting so my body can heal up from surgery yesterday. And as long as I’m stuck resting, I’ll at least keep myself from going absolutely stir-crazy by giving all five people who read this an update on the surgery!
Surgery prep began on Monday night. After a cheerful visit from Nikki and her girls, I had to take all my piercings out, including my belly button ring (which is a pain to get back in). Nail polish had to come off (not sure why). And only water to drink with my dinner. I went to bed with a glass of water next to me, which I could not drink after 4am (random time)!  So when I awoke on Tuesday morning, I couldn’t down my usual glass of water while I made breakfast. I couldn’t eat breakfast at all in fact. Or run. Or drink coffee. I will never take for granted that coffee + run combo! I felt like a zombie without it!
Jeremiah drove me to the Bellevue Women’s Center, where I was supposed to check in at 8:30am, even though my surgery wasn’t until 10am. I checked into the Surgical Suite at 8:38. Oops! My nurse, Amy was so pleasant and calm about the whole thing. And her family is friends with Jeremiah’s, so that made me feel at ease too! She showed me to my room and had me put on a hospital gown. Sure, no problem! As she took my vitals, I was completely chill. My OB/GYN, Dr. Daniel met with me and I was still fine.
I told her I was ready for my boob job 🙂
Then the anesthesist came in to discuss the Valium/Anesthesia cocktail she would give me.
I had an anxiety attack when she started talking about giving me Valium through an IV! I panicked at the idea of all those chemicals in my body and told her I didn’t want the Valium!
“You’re Type A, aren’t you?” You think!
She told me to think about it and left the room.
“They have a process Sara. Just be a patient,” Jeremiah advised.
I wasn’t convinced! A second anesthesist came in, Martha, and commented on how my face was red, and I was shaking (sounds like me at the start of the Ironman swim)!
She was warm and friendly, and told me how she had been given Valium and anesthesia before her colonoscopy, and felt so great afterward that she went out to lunch! I was convinced, but I left to use the restroom before anyone stuck me with IVs!
“Come back here!” Martha called after me. She may have been joking, but part of me really did want to make a bee line for the door! Instead, I said a prayer while in the bathroom…
I prayed Psalm 46:10 until I felt it settle in my heart. Then I returned and let them give me the IVs.
Much like triathlon, the anticipation is worse than the actual event. I felt about one-margarita-drowsy when Jeremiah gave me a kiss, and they wheeled me off to surgery.
“I luvyuuuu” I think I said. The surgery room was full of people and lights and colorful screens. I was two margaritas in now, at least!
“I’m on the Starship Enterprise” I thought with a giggle. Dear God I hope I didn’t say that aloud! The last time I felt this loopy was after two margaritas in Nashville, when I was giggling uncontrollably in the hotel elevator as I pressed the buttons for every floor and Jeremiah tried to stop me.
A nurse had me scoot onto the operating table, then she put compression boots on me, which reminded me of Norma Tech boots, which I told her. The last thing I remember is trying to tell her about Ironman, and thinking I had too many margaritas, so I should just close my eyes.
“I will just tell her after a littttttle nap”
I woke up maybe an hour later, and mumbled something about my hip hurting. Stupid TFL didn’t like being in those stirrups. Then I pressed snooze and went back to sleep.
“It’s over. Open your eyes so they know you’re awake, and maybe they’ll let you leave!” I thought. Finally I pried my eyes open and said
“I could really go for a margarita and tacos now!” Honestly, what is with me and the margaritas?! Well I may have been groggy, but I wasn’t disoriented or nauseous at all.
I was wheeled back into my room, where Jeremiah was waiting.
“Hi!” I exclaimed ( I think).
Things were still fuzzy, but I was SO happy to see him! Someone told me (Miah maybe) that Dr. Daniel had been able to remove the polyp and the fibroid… but my boobs are still the same size, so I think they screwed up 🙂
Amy brought me ginger ale and crackers. I drank the ginger ale, but skipped the crackers in favor of my own snacks. Yes I, Sara Madden, snuck my own bag of snacks into the hospital! Goldfish crackers and peanut butter crackers and a big bottle of water. I think I consumed it all – I was STARVING!
“Would you like some?” I offered crackers to Amy, but she laughed and said she would just like me to try to use the bathroom. She walked me down the hall.
Pee – check! And that was the only time I had cramps all day.
After answering a few more questions, I was free to go! Jeremiah left to get the Silverado, and a nurse walked me out to meet him, informing me that I was
“The most perky patient ever!” I did feel almost like my perky self again, only lighter. And NOT because of the meds,
but because I have faced a lot of fears lately…
In Syracuse I faced the DNF I have been so afraid of.
Now I’ve confronted my fear of surgery / anesthesia. I faced the fear of letting go, and discovered that being still is somehow freeing!
And guess what? The world didn’t end when I let go!
It takes courage to “Just be still and know that I am God”
But He is. And I am a little braver than I was yesterday!
I am also so grateful for the messages my family and friends sent me all day, encouraging me!
My Mom-in-law sent me this beautiful edible bouquet! Lucy and Lincoln found it a little too fascinating, so I put it up high. Until I started eating it 🙂 
And so thankful for Jeremiah – He stayed calm when I wasn’t, stayed by my side every second the doctors would let him, and wouldn’t let me lift a finger all day! He made me lunch and let me lounge around reading People magazine (something I only pick up when I feel sick). Even my cat Lucy cuddled up with me for a nap. Lincoln on the other hand thinks naps are boring! When I woke up about three hours later, Miah made me dinner. Then we watched The Duff and ate gelato! And I was too lethargic to feel guilty for a second!
So now I am at home resting, and acknowledging how grateful I am for such an uncomplicated surgery. And for my health in general! The surgery had been hanging over my head like a dark cloud, but now I can look ahead to the month of July. And set some goals to STAY healthy!
Marathon training will resume in a few days I hope. I will get back to my Hip Strengthening routine too (take that TFL)!
My July Challenge will be to make something from my Food Matters book once a week. And, inspired by all the folks at Bellevue who cared for me with such compassion and knowledge, I’m going to take that First Aide class I’ve been putting off… and maybe pass on the blessings I’ve been given!

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