So I Met Someone

Yup, I’m moving on to someone new. In some respects it’s too soon. But in others, it’s way overdue. I’m moving on to someone who was here all along… Always up for a run. Hurting when I hurt. Happy when I rejoiced. They shared my dreams and my heartache. And they were just waiting for me to notice. They are here when I’m all alone, and the reason I am over being lonely. They are the reason I’m dreaming big and falling in love with life. So who is this special someone? I am. I am the someone I met when I was all alone. Sometimes that is the only place where we can find ourselves. And when we do, and we become strong and healthy and true to ourselves, and we are truly comfortable being untethered to anyone else, we become courageous enough to step out of our comfort zone. In this space, there is no room for being lonely.

So I met someone. I met me, and I think she’s pretty fantastic.

make friends

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