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Sara Stover

Living a story worth telling. Shining a light on stories worth sharing.


A Letter to Myself

Dear Sara,

As you share your posts about heartache and hope, you may second guess yourself… What if someone reads them and sees the real you? That sometimes you aren’t as strong as you strive to be?!

Don’t worry about them! Keep living out loud!  Keep running in tutus! Don’t believe the world’s lies that are so convenient to ingest when you’re all alone.


Grow up to be the 65 year old crazy lady who races in a tutu

“That idea is a pipe dream.”

“You should grow up and settle down.”

“You’re too young.”

“You’re too old.”

“You’re obsessive.”

“Be more feminine”

“Be faster”

“Be realistic”

“Be strong! Don’t let anyone see you’re hurting!”

And my personal favorite “No one will ever take you seriously in a tutu!”

I’m calling out these little lies! You simply cannot be someone you are NOT any longer! It does not serve the world to any extent!

Know that by bringing others on your journey you make the pain productive, and will bring others hope and encouragement. Your writing and faith and ability to have an impact are intrinsically part of who you are. So if anyone runs the other way, or rolls their eyes, let them. Those people in life who are meant to be by your side will be, trust that. Sometimes it will be a single soul, and then another… Until it grows into a tribe of people courageous enough to step into their dreams!

Trust that it is better to live authentically even if that leads to solitary seasons than to compromise those dreams. Do it for the sake of those who need just one person to inspire them to commit to a dream and follow it through, no matter how hard the work and how great the sacrifice!

So be true to who God made you, and trust Him!

Love, Me

deepest fear

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