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“Where do you see yourself in five years?”  That’s the question the HR director asked me yesterday at the end of my interview. I offered an appropriate, charming answer. But that question was like a punch in the stomach! I knew in my heart what the answer was…

Five years from now I want a life that looks a lot like the life I had for one amazing weekend in Texas last May. That’s when I represented More Than Sport as their ambassador at Ironman Texas. I spent that weekend running, writing, cheering, befriending a reporter and being interviewed by the Woodland’s Journal, chatting with athletes over margaritas on a rooftop bar, collecting medals from Ironman finishers, and being part of an amazing team that brought those medals to children fighting for their lives in the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

Five years from now I want a life that is healthy, simple and impactful in a Texas-sized way! I want to write and run and pray every day. I want to experience so many more finish lines! Oh, and I wouldn’t mind living in a tiny house or airstream on a lake, or near the beach… because a mermaid has to be near the water!

air stream .jpg

Yesterday, I sat at a red light, acknowledging what matters to my heart, and what I’m after. The path between where I am and where I should be is foggy though. Temptation to just stroll down a clear, flat career path that leads to a safe, predictable life is more enticing with every jobless day that passes.

An elderly couple crossed the street, arm in arm, begging me to answer another question. “Who am I going to grow old with?!” A tear or two splashed onto my shirt. “No one” I declared as the light turned green… I don’t WANT someone to grow old with. I want someone to stay young with!

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” Probably doing exactly what I am now, only with a career that compliments my healthy, simple, impactful life! Planning another trip to build a well in Haiti – My deposit is in, it’s happening! Training for some race that involves a mountain or covering hundreds of miles. And if I have an adventure-chasing, world-changing heart by my side, that would be cool too.

I don’t WANT someone to grow old with. I want someone to stay young with! Because I will not settle down and stop chasing big dreams. I will keep planning my adventures and believing that I can change the world… or at least my corner of it!

planning my next adventure

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