It’s not about

It’s not about New Hampshire. True, scrawled on the pages of my journal from 2000 are dreams and goals, not the least of which was living in New Hampshire and getting paid to write. And when I found myself in the terrifying, yet refreshing position of being able to go anywhere, New Hampshire rose to the top of the list. I have myriad reasons for pursuing some job opportunities out there. But it’s not about New Hampshire.
NH Job - Sept 2000 SpunktifiedIt’s about that chance or plan or dream that nags you. So what if that dream hatched from a feature in Outside magazine about New England that you read at 22?! You change and time passes, but there it is. That “what if” that stalks you. A few of them still prod at my heart, and “What if I took that job in New Hampshire?” is one of them.

You can bet your ass I’m going to knock on every proverbial door until I get the chance. And this time, when I get the chance I’m gonna take it!

Best Adventure Ever - Spunktified

Maybe it won’t work out. But it’s not about failing or succeeding anymore. It’s not about where I live or what I do for a living. I sincerely believe that God cares more about who I am becoming.

It is about choosing what will challenge me, and shape me into who He made me to be, as only adventures can. So I choose to follow the unsteady, unpaved, too often unmarked trail that leads to becoming a joyful, patient, loving, perseverant, strong, kind, prayerful, grateful, intelligent, self-disciplined, healthy, complete, spunky, compassionate badass!


And if I know anything about a baller trail, it is this:  It will likely lead to another more gnarly and infinitely more rewarding trail! So why can’t a trail to New Hampshire lead to  life on the road in THIS…

van life .png

…and merge onto a backroad that winds its way to a tiny home in Lake Tahoe?! As I occupy this terrifying, yet refreshing position of being able to go anywhere, I am delighted to find that it’s not about ONE or ANY destination. It never was! It was always about the journey, and my heart just took about 17 years to catch on!


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