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Rebecca & Daniel’s Wedding – The Toast

July, 22, 2017 – Thank you Becky and Daniel for letting me share this at your wedding! Your love is inspirational! 

THE TOAST – By Sara K. Francione 

I heard it said once that “Love is friendship set on fire”

If you need confirmation that love can & is friendship set ablaze,

it is standing before you:

Rebecca and Daniel have been friends for 15 years. During that time,

they have walked the fine line between friendship & dating.

They crossed over from friends to dating, then back to friends again. But that spark in their friendship never faded.  It just required the 3 necessary ingredients that all fires do.

Commonly known as the Fire Diamond, the elements a fire needs to ignite are Heat, Fuel, and Oxygen.

becky and daniel's wedding

·         Four years ago, Becky got into Grad school in Mass. Although still 2 hours away from Daniel, all three of those agents were finally merging.

Hearts were catching fire, and what was once a small flame has grown into a bonfire that can’t be extinguished.

·         This fire didn’t grow overnight, and couldn’t grow without Heat.

That is the obvious element of the Fire diamond. The chemistry & heart pounding electricity that makes one declare that they are in love.

But Heat alone can’t sustain love for very long without

·         Oxygen, air. Room to breathe & be yourself. Even time and space. During those 10 years that Daniel & Rebecca were “just friends” they were making room for the oxygen it took to fan the flame.

Even now, they are intentional about cultivating this. Whether it be Daniel’s trips to Europe with his band, or Becky’s visits to family and friends up & down the East Coast, they clearly love being together,

but value the importance of time apart.

·        But Oxygen and Heat are not sufficient for fueling an eternal flame.

So what else does it take for two souls to build a fire that lasts? Fuel!

Kindling of trust & patience, love & laughter, courage & sacrifice,

belief in the other – In who they are and who they will become.

And these can’t be carelessly tossed into a fire pit.

They have to be thoughtfully placed, careful to leave room

for Oxygen & Heat.   It takes time to gather these, and each soul must do their part in carrying the firewood and tending the fire.

These are the secrets to setting a friendship ablaze.

And here —> is the proof that “Love is friendship set on fire”

So raise your glass to Becky & Daniel.

May your marriage ever be the BEST friendship set on fire,

and burn brighter with every passing year!

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