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Give your Mantle a Fall Facelift!

Autumn officially starts on the 21st, and that means it’s time to dig out the pumpkin scented candles, the harvest wreath and the fall foliage placemats! But if you’re like me, seasonal decorating can be overwhelming! Do I need to buy EVERYTHING that I see with an orange leaf on it? Do I HAVE to get rid of the blue vase on my coffee table?! Well before you clear off every surface in your home, try making one change… And give your fireplace mantle a fall facelift.

Here’s How:

1. Center – Big piece Start with one large object in the center of the mantle – Choose a mirror, a framed photo, or artwork of a substantial size. As the main focal point of the mantel, the center piece will ground the other items in front!

2. Movement Next – Choose items that “move” the eye, and place them to the left of the big piece. Whether it be apple cinnamon candles which lend movement from the flickering flames, or items of varying heights which make the eye bounce between them, include accessories that add visual appeal, and are interesting! Acorns, gourds and pumpkins are a perfect season choice!

Mantle Tips

3. Visual Weight – Add a secondary focal point to the right on the mantle! An element that visually pops, but isn’t as substantial as the Big piece, will complement your mantle ensemble, and counterbalance the Movement pieces. Choose a vase with dried goldenrod, leaves or branches that will sit in front of your Big piece to start the layering effect.

4. Layering – Layer and stagger a couple of additional items in a cluster. Whether it be framed art, photos, candles, or accessories, it’s best to layer different sized items in front of each other to pull together a mantle!

5. Vary Heights – Finally, add in a few accessories of varying heights, such as boxes or …hard cover books. Along with layering, and helps the eye move up and down and across, and is more visually appealing. Between layering and varying heights, you can create an engaging wave effect with your mantel. A Clean Slate Before you begin decorating your mantle, remove everything and start with a fresh palette. Seeing free, clear space before you will get your creative juices flowing!

Follow these 5 tricks to create a visual triangle, starting with the Big Centerpiece as the top point, and resulting in a stunning, decorated mantel! A Single Piece Or make a grand statement by placing one single, amazing piece on your mantle! Just make sure this object is 2/3 the size of the mantle, or it will look to tiny! As the heart any living area, you can change the whole atmosphere of a room by giving your mantle a makeover! So get creative and celebrate the harvest season in style!

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