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a new journey

My life as a blogger began in 2012. The intention was to document my journey to my second Ironman Lake Placid, something I neglected to do the first time around. But of course, I couldn’t stop bloggin around after I crossed that finish line, because there was always another race!

Until there wasn’t.

If you’ve been following my blogs at all, you know I hit a rough patch in 2014, and life just got bumpier. I wrote through that season off-roading through life. I was still on a journey after all, and in a way I suppose I was documenting the lessons I learned and the ways God extracted beauty from the heart ache. Because there was a lot of heart ache.

Until there wasn’t! So I’m ready to stop blogging about it if everyone is cool with that!

So let’s just wrap up that chapter with the key points:

I was sidelined by a hip condition that I’m still learning to work around. I went through a divorce that shook me to the core and had me scared to trust anything resembling LOVE. And I lost my job of almost 11 years.

So I did some soul searching, found some old dreams, and followed them to New Hampshire, where I got paid to write (one of the old dreams)! I also fell completely in love with trail running during my 10 months living there. And more importantly, I fell in love with my LIFE!

That brings us to the next chapter. The one where I run and write and spend a lot of time    finding my song and my strong again! And where I make two VERY important lists that changed everything. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Consider this the prologue, and let’s just save that for Chapter 1, mmm kay?

Since I know we’re all anxious to find out about THE LISTS, let me conclude this post by saying that my life as a blogger has evolved since 2012. Instead of documenting my journey to a finish line, I intend to document LIFE. Falling in love with it, living aloha in Hawaii, the people I meet, the places I explore, what I’m learning, and yes, even the races I run will make the occasional appearance in here.

We each have one wild, precious life. And it’s so much bigger than a finish line!

As Emerson said, life is a journey, not a destination. So buckle up because the journey has only begun!

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