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no thank you

No thank you to staying or going because it’s logical and it’s what society expects. No thank you to heart rate monitors. No thank you to the rules and the self-righteousness of religion or politics or anything that doesn’t put love first. No thank you to being too old or too young to chase big dreams or curate new ones.

No thank you to hairbrushes and high heels. No thank you to taking myself too seriously. No thank you to cigarettes or pot or anything you want me to smoke. Never have and never will – I don’t have brain cells or lung capacity to spare! No thank you to the woman in Whole Foods who cursed at us because we were wearing muddy running clothes. No thank you to nose jobs or face lifts. No thank you to waking up dreading my job or living for a paycheck. No thank you to materialism or matching.

No thank you to blaming others rather than taking responsibility. No thank you to believing I have no choice and simply settling for what everyone else accepts. No thank you to being stuck in comfortable bitterness because I’m too afraid to face the unknown. No thank you to fake. No thank you to fitting in. No thank you to being cold (for very long)! No thank you to spending money I don’t have on stuff I don’t need to fill a void or find “value”. No thank you to the fear of being vulnerable – I will live with my heart wide open, even if that means I get hurt sometimes.

No thank you to being defined by my weight, race pace, or paycheck. No thank you to being quiet – I will be loud, and will love out LOUD.  No thank you to hiding my love for Jesus, my husband, running, coffee, you get it. No thank you to dulling my sparkle so others will accept me. No thank you to shopping malls. No thank you to being too busy to wade into the ocean or drink the coconut water. No thank you to gluten … after I finish this banana bread!

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