I don’t believe in living my best life

I believe in a lot of things. But “living my best life” rubs me the wrong way!

Like running for a “personal best.” The longer I run, the more that goal comes at a cost. Chasing that illusive “best” comes with an enormous pressure that has robbed me of my love for running too many times. There’s nothing wrong with working toward a personal best or course record. My husband can do that and still enjoy the process, free of pressure. For now, I can’t seem to chase one without getting tangled up in the other, and comparing my run to past performances.

So I am not chasing my personal best, in running or in life! No more self-imposed demands to be the best runner, writer, wife, employee, Christian, family member, or friend. By freeing myself of those demands, I unconsciously free those around me of feeling pressured to be the best husband, friend, family member, or boss to me in return. Just be you! Just be love. That is enough!

By chasing the “best life” I have been robbed of the joy of the experience of actually LIVING, trading it in for grasping at a life where I never fail. Because if I did, I wouldn’t be the “best” anymore! That’s not who we are, and that’s not how life works! There will be typos. We will fail, but we will forgive. We fall down, and life has ups and downs.

So I choose to chase love. In running and life! To be SO in love with running that I don’t even notice that I just got a personal best until I see the results hours after I cross the finish line. To be more focused on loving others where they are at. To be more focused on loving the process of creating where I am at.

I don’t believe in living “my best life” anymore. For me, there is only falling in love with my life, with the successes and failures, for that this where the lessons lie.  I am trading “living my best life” in for “falling in love with my life,” and its’ ups and downs and in-betweens.

Life is an experience and Love is a choice. So I choose to love the process and get lost in the experience of living!

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