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WebPurify’s 20 things to keep in mind when planning your 2020 UGC campaigns

Recently I had the chance to collaborate with KMV Digital and WebPurify on an article about how to join the ranks of those savvy brands that are using influencers, hashtags, and other smart social media tools to generate excitement among followers and customers who will purchase and promote your products. Below is an excerpt from it. Check out the post on ValueWalk to get all the tips you need for your 2020 User Generated Content campaigns!

Team up with influencers.

Millennials detest the idea of being sold to, which makes brands more motivated than ever to give influencers and followers that millennials trust the marketing firepower. When users create and share posts that feature your brand, this exposes your products and services to a new audience.

By giving your consumer motivation and incentive to contribute content, authenticity is promoted and conversion is improved. You can even share that content with your own audience, and in the process you will validate your credibility…

To really get personal, team up with brand influencers! 

About 22% of young adults from 18–34 years old have made purchases after seeing recommendations from brand influencers online, and influencer marketing is continuing to grow.

When an influencer shares a product on social media, it doesn’t feel like advertising.

It feels like a personal connection with a real human being!

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