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Sara Stover

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Living a story worth telling. Shining a light on stories worth sharing.



I am a publishing and communications professional with a passion for telling stories worth sharing, and experience writing for various industries. Here are just a few of the samples of content demonstrating my versatility as a writer and editor: 

running & fitness


The benefits of kettlebell training for athletes

Can e-stim devices and tens-machines heal my injury?

Kettlebell strength training exercises for runners

Bunions in Runners: Rrevention and-Treatment


Labral tears: Living and running with hip impingement 

Using the battle-rope in the top 9 aspects of training combat athletes

The movement advantage

health & nutrition

farmers market finds by sara stover

What you need to know about coconut water

Recipe:  Chili pepper honey-glazed shishfarmers market fruit by sara stover kabobs 

Naturally up your game with astaxanthin

What’s the deal with anti-inflammatory food?! 

Propolis to the rescue

The ABC’s of Kombucha

Magnesium and a person’s health 

Why its time to switch to natural deodorant 

The environment and a person’s health 



hawaiiKe Ola

The Bee Boys Blog

Ke Ola Magazine

Do you have a story worth telling? Do you need help shining a light on your product, service, or event?

Contact me at  and let’s talk about how I can put my ability to exceed the industry- standard in content marketing to work for you! 

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