soul runner


love on the run - sara stover, patrick stover

SOUL-RUNN-ER                                                                                                                                     noun

a soul who runs in the moment, conscious of and awed by their surroundings.

a soul who runs with intentand uses running to make a difference.

a soul who runs for the simple joy of it, and does not emphasize winning, pace, place or personal records.

a soul who runs free from the pressure of being faster, undefined by the data and unshackled to the training plan.

a soul who treats running as a practice, not a proving ground.

a soul who is mindful of the people and places they interact with when running.

a soul who is conscious of the spirituality of the run.

a soul who is more concerned with who they are becoming than what they are accomplishing.   “The goal is not accomplishing the dream… The primary issue is who you become in the process”  – Mark Batterson –  For a soul runner, the dream may indeed be a finish line. But the goal is to become strong, self-disciplined, healthy, peaceful, joyful, patient, faithful, thankful, positive, gentle, faithful, good, kind and loving along the way.