torch lighter



The torch lighter is someone motivated by shining a light on stories worth telling. A torch lighter knows instinctively that to shine a light on dynamic stories is to light the torch of inspiration in others who read these stories!

So the question is… Are you living a story worth telling? If so, how will you light more torches today?!

I recently had the honor of spending some time with a classroom full of 10th graders, who shared with me their essays on a book they were reading in World Literature. Their creativity and insight all but floored me, and I told them as much! So in an effort to light more torches, I will be featuring the work of some outstanding torch writers over the next few months right here on my blog! Please take the time to read their work and encourage them to continue finding innovative, authentic ways to harness the power of the written word.

And if you know of a torch writer who has written a story worth sharing, please contact me at regarding their work. Together we can ignite their passion for writing stories worth telling and light the next torch!

Head up, heart open, always,

Sara Stover 

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