torch lighter

A torch lighter is someone motivated by shining a light on stories worth telling. The torch lighter knows instinctively that to shine a light on dynamic stories is to light the torch of inspiration in others who read these stories!

As a torch lighter, I enjoy writing about Hawaii, health, fitness, running, and sustainability. I have also written about everything from fiber-optic technology and bee farming to real-estate law and even dinosaurs. And I am passionate about sharing engaging stories, adapting whatever I write to reflect the unique voice and vision of my clients!

Whatever your big dreams, let me be your partner in pursuing these and reaching your audience. I want to make you shine! 

Do you have a story worth telling as an artist, athlete, entrepreneur, company, or non-profit organization? Do you need a little help telling that story?! Then we should talk!

Much Aloha,

Sara Stover 

instagram-icon_1057-2227Contact me at And follow me on Instagram. Be sure to check out my professional work, as well as my freelance articles, writing portfolio, and personal posts!

A Greener Life and Home

Health and Fitness

Published – Running

Published – Technical 



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